Thursday, September 29, 2005

it worked!!

It worked. I must have done something wrong. I've had my coffee, done this right (somehow?) and put a load of washing on and still no kids awake yet. WOW!!
The pics are from the top down
1. We woke up on a monday about 4weeks ago to this. We don't get much snow here but this was great fun.
2. My grandson Tobias having a bath and laughing at the flannel that's approaching him to wash him.
3. The 3 youngest at Manly beach on Sept 1 or 2.
I have to go now, I still can't believe they got here.


I've got about 45 mins before the youngest ones wake up so I'm thinking if I type quietly I might try to get some pics up again.
Meanwhile here's a link to my other place for you to enjoy as I get the pics there sometimes
and my home town and

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I did place some photos and they're not here.
Wonder who got them?

at last

I'm here at last. I occassionally update the other site (the address is a few entries below this one) and forget about this one. If you are reading this then I suggest you save the other ref. as well to keep in touch.
I am happy to hear that Christine in america and Krista in france read this also. I of course read their blogs most weeks.
The Family.
Andrea (and her son Tobias) has now been away and living on her own (or with her boyfriend) since May 25th. I miss them both so much, I get to see them more now that her boyfriend is away for a while. Somewhere along the line I have done the wrong thing raising her. I can't believe that a child of mine would live in such a messy way. She won't even put the rubbish out.
Michelle is in her last school holidays - when she goes back in a few weeks it is for her final exams. She's off to Black Stump tomorrow.
Christine is a normal rebellious, angry teenager.
The little ones are going really well. They are growing all the time and there's hope that one day they will be normal. Well, as normal as any person can be.
Mind you, I've been told that somewhere around 25 teenagers become human again!!
I've still to find out.
I am still waiting on The Lord as to whether I have a husband/partner.
I've been a single mum for about 12 yrs now.
Emma, the 4yr old (5 in late Nov) has made it into a film that is being shot here near town in the next 2 weeks. I, of course have to accompany her ( wonder who I'll meet) while she's there.
Knitting is taking on a new reign. I knit nearly every day at the moment. Am currently on to socks no. 12 (I think). Baby blankets are up to 3. Have quite a few requests as well as what I've got planned.
I started a knitting group that meets each Tuesday at 10am at Ye Olde Spinning Wheel here in Cooma.
Am still selling bits and pieces on ebay - shellsmum.
Am still scrapping, not as much as I would like but since Andrea moved out we have rearranged the rooms and I now have a craft room. I also have my music in there and often will practice while watching over the town( we are high up).
Have just learnt how to print photos on my computer and am having fun. Need lots more ink cartridges now. Looks good on bazzill and glossy. Especially the photos we took 4 weeks ago when we woke on Monday for school to everything totally covered in snow. Kids nearly didn't get to school that day.

Hope the pics made it. Have a great day.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

my town

Good morning all! I have just read on Christine's blog her plans for tomorrow - 4th July - and also went to her local town website. What a fabulous idea. Now I have a great picture of where she lives. So, I've decided to add my town site so you all can see where I live. is one and the other is hope they get you there. Today is a frosty day and everything is white. We've been waiting for the snow but it mostly doesn't fall at 800mtrs. We got a couple of dustings last winter and now that it's the school holidays my kids want it NOW!! That's it for today. Keep in touch.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Sorry for being away so long. I hope you can follow the link on the previous posts to where I have some photos. Some of my latest things are there but I can't get them on here. I've read all the help that's been sent my way as to how to do it but unless I see someone do it, it just doesn't seem to compute. My eldest has moved out of home again, into a house of her own and with a guy, who allows all his mates to come home, eat the food, sleep over always, drink, smoke and who knows what else. This is not the way I've raised my children. They are meant to keep themselves for the special person that God has in mind for them, not go off with every Tom, Dick or Harry that asks. My girls are precious, wonderful daughters that are meant to be spoilt and doted over by a man of good standing who works and has a job or career so as to provide for her. Has HER only in mind and shows it in the way he treats her. I knew we should have joined an isolated commune or nunnery when they were reaching the teenage years.

Monday, May 09, 2005

new photos

Hi. I have just put new photos, so far just some of my knitting at


finished the blanket

Last night I finished Michelle's wrap/blanket. I made it with 2 fibres, feathers and ostrich combined. I love how it drapes and the colours are black/brown/grey and brown so it's come out looking like an animal print. Am going to start today the pink baby alpaca wrap for the 4 yr old. Then I'm starting on a few of the items that Christine sent me. The eyelet scarf for me and a vest for me. Wow, it's been so long since I knitted something for me. Have a great day.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


The person who has been spoiling me is Krista who lives in France. The person that I have had so much fun spoiling is Christine from Wenonah. I've enjoyed this so much and I can't wait for the next one to start. In fact Christine, who I was spoiling has sent me a wonderful package of goodies as well. Christine you are the best! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. When I say this I can't help but remember and laugh at a music awards clip I saw many, many moons ago. I can't remember the man's name but I feel you'll all know who I'm talking about. He was a big man, a singer I think from Greece and he had a black beard and always wore caftans. Well, when he was presented with an award he said " I thank you from the heart of my bottom", Cracks me up every time. Have a great day.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


I really want chuck norris's new movie called bells of innocence. The only place here that sells it wants $40.00 when it's selling on ebay in usa starting at $0.99. Not fair! My dvd player plays all zones too!!